Awaiting Confirmation
 queen    RubyClaw Crystal Brook x
sire     CoolCreek JavaMst of of RubyClaw

Planned Breeding
queen    Akkers Isadora of RubuClaw x
sire     CoolCreek JavaMst of of RubyClaw or QGC RubyClaw Ezio Auditore da Atlanta

queen    CoolCreek Tinkerbell of RubyClaw x
sire     QGC RubyClaw Ezio Auditore da Atlanta

How to Inquire!!!
1) Complete the email contact info form below, being sure to included:
  • your Name:
  • your City/State:
  • your Email address:
  • your Phone Number:
  • your Veterinarian's Name:
  • Easy question: In what kind of Kitty are you interested?
  •      (i.e. Companion/Show, Color/Pattern)
  •      (i.e. Kitten, Juvenile/young adult, Retired Breeder)
  • Tuffie question: Why do you want a Bengal Cat?
  • Describe your family to us, your living arrangements, membership in or support for animal groups, volunteer activities, etc.  We want to learn about you and what makes you happy!
  • Meow about it:  Please tell us any other info you think is important, it's ok to email us directly too!
2) We'll follow up, chat a bit, and if you qualify, you'll be invited to join our 'reservations/waiting list'.
3) Call us with any questions!  Always!
See? it IS easy! (ok, time for a cat nap now!)

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