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** Our Cats-The Stud **
"Java" Show Cat & Stud Muffin
BengalislandCat JavaMst of RubyClaw
Pedigree: (pending upload)
sire: SolanaRanch Kokomo of BengalislandCat
dam: BengalislandCat CoppertoneGirl
Java is a VERY handsome and striking kitty who comes from BengalislandCat (Donna Haynes) who previously provided us our wonderful Santana. Java is one of the most loving kitties we have EVER met! Looking forward to how he does in the show halls, and how much our queens will be smitten with his wonderul charms!
** Our Cats-Queens **
"Izzy"  Queen
A-kerrs Isadora of RubyClaw
Pedigree: (pending upload)
sire: RW SGC AC Speakeasy CowboysLastRide of A-Kerrs
dam: CH Fractal Isabella of A-Kerrs
Izzy is our adorable new queen from Sami & Libby Kerr. Izzy is dual registered in both TICA and CFA. Her pattern is amazing and her coat texture is wonderful, We think it's from her mom Isadora, who is a seal lynx point Bengal. She produces WONDERFUL babies!
"Tink" Show kitty & Queen
CoolCreek TinkerBell of RubyClaw
Pedigree: (pending upload)
sire: RW SGC ExotiqueBengals Helios of My
dam: Miss Charismatic
TinkerBell is an adorable kitty with super contrasted coat, wonderful flowing rosetted pattern. She's got the most fun personality, always looking to engage in SOMETHING fun do to! Show hall is on the immediate horizon with an eye towards to the future offspring she may have with RubyClaw studs! She is an absolutely stunning cat in the show hall! She frequently comes to my office just add some beauty, sparkle and glitter to the environment.
"Gwen" Queen
A-Kerrs Just a Girl of RubyClaw
Pedigree: (pending upload)
sire: (pending upload)
dam: (pending upload)
Gwen is the sweetest PURRMONSTER ever! Sami always does a great job the kitties, and Gwen just as wonderful, if not more so than our Izzy! Looking forward to great things with her!
"Libby" Queen
RubyClaw Liberty of BoutiqueCats
Pedigree: (pending upload)
sire: (pending upload)
dam: (pending upload)
  Libby is is the wonderful WOW worth daughter of BetsyRoss and Java. Her very contrasty coat is super soft, we are so happy to keep her and co-own her with BoutiqueCats Bengals, and are very much looking forward to her babies with Kathy's boys!
**Available Retirees**
If you're thinking about adding a pedigree cat to your family - please spend a little time on the Cat Buyer Guide "Choosing a Breeder", there is a lot of helpful information on the kinds of questions to ask, how to evaluate a cattery, etc.

All retirees are sold, please check back again soon!

MORE Available Kittens... coming soon!
**Our Cats-Retirees**
"Crystal" Queen
RubyClaw Crystal Brook
Pedigree: (pending upload)
sire: RW SGC RubyClaw Ezio Auditore da Atlanta
dam: CH BoutiqueCats RiverSong of RubyClaw
Crystal was our very first Seal Lynx Point spotted kitty ever! it's true that a SLP coat is amazingly soft and unbelievely velvetly. Crystals extraordinary personality and sweetness is a testament to her mom. we are very much looking forward to the kittens that will come from that lineage!
"Ezio" retired stud/show kitty
TICA Quad Grand Champion and Dual-Registered wtith CFA "Cat Fanciers Association"

RubyClaw Ezio Auditore da Atlanta

Pedigree:QGC RubyClaw Ezio Auditore da Atlanta
Dad: Santana  / Mom: SugarRush
(photo by Helmi Flick)
Ezio is Living his best life with his retirement family!
Ezio is a home-grown sweetheart~! earned his Championship title in his first adult TICA show with a total of 4 finals - one of which was a BEST CAT from the elusive judge Jamie Christian - who claims to NEVER make a Bengal a best cat!  HAHA! Ezio is JUST that awesome.
"Clover" Retired Queen
CH RubyClaw CloverBelle
Pedigree: (pending upload)
sire: RW SGC RubyClaw CopperWinddam: CH BoutiqueCats RiverSong of RubyClaw
CloverBelle blessed us with one litter, and was unable to concieve again, so she has been retired at a young age. She's enjoying life in Georgia with her *absoutely PURRfect family" according to Miss Diva CloverBelle
CloverBelle is a wonderful surprise and reward of two breeding programs, ours and Kathy Van Der Linden of BoutiqueCats Bengals in Texas. Clover has a very light belly just like her mom, the very athletic body of both her parents and the 'love you to pieces' personality of her dad. Totally LOVED judge Kim Tomlin's kind words about Clover's excellent representation of the breed when she was awarded her final for Championship title.
"Santana" Retired show cat/stud

Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion

Bengalislandcat Santana of RubyClaw
Pedigree:RW SGC  Bengalislandcat Santana of RubyClaw

(photo by Helmi Flick)
Many thanks to Donna of Bengalislandcat for this handsome fella!
Wowwie!  you should see his babies!

* Regional Winner
* 3rd best Bengal SE TICA 2013
* 12th best Short Hair cat in SE Region & 20th Best Bengal TICA 2013 in THE WORLD!

Super congrats to Jelani! Santana and Jelani are the perfect fit!  Looking forward to lots of photos as Santana takes on his new adorable family!

"Mel" Retired show Cat & Queen

BoutiqueCats RiverSong of RubyClaw

Pedigree:  BoutiqueCats RiverSong of RubyClaw
sire: CH Mystre Hot Hot Hot of BoutiqueCats
dam: BoutiqueCats Tache

(photo by Helmi Flick)
Mel is ADORING her new family in Sandy Springs, Georgia.
Mel is from the awesome breeding by our friends at BoutiqueCats; Kathy and Kelly did a fabulous job with Mel; Her head type is outstanding and the long-lanky sleek body combined with wonderfully round-tipped ears set on just about the very best head type just makes you say "WOW!"

Mel graced us with both CH RubyClaw CloverBelle and RubyClaw Crystal Brook as rising queens in the cattery.

Mel was recently retireed and is totally loving life with Peter and Monique in North Georgia.

"Copper" retired show cat/stud

RW Supreme Grand Champion RubyClaw Copper Wind~

Pedigree: RW SGC RubyClaw Copper Wind
(photo by Helmi Flick)
Copper was such a treasure in his litter.  He's stayed with us and has been one of the cats our children show as Junior Exhibitors.  At the On-Safari 2012 show in February he was
* Breeders Choice~Best Kitten Body
He earned his Supreme Grand Champion title at the Atlanta FantasTICAts show in Temple Georgia.  His babies are kissable wonderful!

 * Regional Winner & Supreme Grand Champion
 * 17th best Short Hair in SE Region TICA 2013
 * 47th best Bengal in the WORLD TICA 2013

"Pesto" Retired Show Cat / Queen

CH RubyClaw Pesto Primavera

Pedigree:  CH RubyClaw Pesto Primavera
sire: IW SGC Spice Basil of Mystre and dam: RubyClaw Phoenix Rixing

(photo by Helmi Flick)
Pesto has the 'just stepped out of the jungle' look from her daddy Spice Basil, and the over the top "I Love You" animation from her mommy Phoenix. She's just wonderful... but we're biased, I'm sure of it! Pesto earned her Championship title at the PartyCats TICA show in Atlanta April 2014, along with "Best Female Cat" in a special judging congress December 2014!
"Stella" Retired Queen
ExotiqueBengals Stella of RubyClaw~
Pedigree: ExotiqueBengals Stella of RubyClaw
sire: Coppertone Cadillac Jackdam: ColumbiaRiver SheezAmazing
Stella is enjoying her retiree life in Aiken South Carolina! Update: "Stella" is now known as Nala, and has a joyful baby (human) sister that she adores! Congrats to the family!
"Venus" Alter Show Cat

QGCA BengalFlats Seiche Purr of RubyClaw

Pedigree: BengalFlats Seiche Purr of RubyClaw
sire: RW SGC BengalFlats Captain Hoyt
dam: CH FraserValley Moscato of BengalFlats

(photo by Judy Pristash)
Many loving thanks to Julie Ollis of BengalFlats for choosing US for this very sweet kitty, and helping us to carry on the CheetahsDen tradition of structure and temperament! Julie says her kitties 'purr on touch' and that's the truth! Venus is a one in a million! we're really looking forward to showing her!
Update: Venus earns her Champion title in her first Adult show!
Venus never had any litters for us at RubyClaw, and during an annual screening, it was discovered she has a heart condition "HCM", we will not breed any cat that has this terrible disease, or could possibly pass it along to offspring. We made the decision to spay her. Now we only show her in the Alter class. She has done a GREAT job, and has already earned her Quad Grand Champion Alter title. Perhaps some day in the future, she will earn the elusive "Supreme", in the mean time, she is a wonderful pet, adored by our entire family and all our kids friends too!

"Carmelita" Retired Show Cat
RubyClaw Sodium Sweet Carmelita
Pedigree: RubyClaw Sodium Sweet Carmelita
sire: RW SGC Bengalislandcat Santana of RubyClawdam: CH RubyClaw SugarRush
Carmelita is the kitten we've been waiting for all these years! She will step into the show hall, and then into her mom's pawprints in our breeding program! She's gotten the absolute best of her mom Sugar (personality, love and sugar-soft coat) and of her dad Santana (near perfect eat, awesome contrast with a fabulous patten). We are so very happy that she all this and more. Her show debut will be in Anniston Alabama in mid-March.
"Sugar" retired queen-living in North Georgia with Dolce and their wonderful 'parents' Shelley and Tim.

CH RubyClaw SugarRush

Pedigree:CH  RubyClaw SugarRush
sire: GoldRush
dam: Marlo

(photo by Helmi Flick)
Sugar earned her Champion title in her very first Adult show!
Many thanks to  TICA judges Fate Mays and Philipa Holmes for the recognition!
"Dolce" Retired Queen-living in North Georgia with SugarRush and their wonder 'parents' Shelley and Tim.

CH BoutiqueCats Dolce of RubyClaw

Pedigree: BoutiqueCats "Dolce" of RubyClaw
sire: TGC Yentais Allegro of BoutiqueCats
dam: BoutiqueCats Tache
(photo by Helmi Flick)
Dolce is also a featured image on a Ideas website!  
Update: Dolce is enjoying a fabulous retiree's life in north georgia. congratulations Shelly and Chris!!!
"CatNip" Retired Queen
CH RubyClaw CatNip
Pedigree:  RubyClaw CatNip
sire: IW SGC Spice Basil of Mystre and dam: RubyClaw Phoenix Rising

(photo by Lisa Stacholy)

CatNip is the sweetest, impish little kitty you'll ever meet; when [gasp] ignoring her please for attention, she addresses us with a 'up in your face' loud singing meow that just makes us crack up!  And then when we call her name, she's got a funny, squinty eye way of answering, right before she thunders up with a rambling head-bong/shoulder roll, just like her Mommy Phoenix does. CatNip is enjoying a wonderful early retirement with an adorable family on Lake Hartwell. Congrats Mary Ann and George!

"Vali" Retired Queen
RubyClaw ValiantStar ~
Pedigree: RubyClaw ValiantStar

Vali is the awesome companion to Amy, loving a full life adventure! We could not be happier for Vali, she is the pride of Amy's eyes in her Texas abode!~

"Phoenix" Retired Queen
RubyClaw Phoenix Rising~
Pedigree: RubyClaw Phoenix Rising
sire: GoldRush and dam: SkyLily
Phoenix is loving her life as a retiree! we are very happy that she's with a wonderful family headed by Maria,and that family includes her mom SkyLily~!
Phoenix was the surprise of the litter - absolutely wonderful in nearly every aspect we value - she will be entering our breeding program and our children have been very happy to show her.  She earned a "Best Kitten" in her very first ring in her very first show!  Purrs non-stopped, silky soft and wonderful rosettes set off by her gilttery buttery color - Such a wonderful mommy to our upcoming show kitty "Pesto" sired by IW Spice Basil of Mystre - with humble thanks to Mark and Karen
"Marlo" Retired Queen
Mystre Marie Lavoe of RubyClaw~
Pedigree: Mystre Marie Lavoe of RubyClaw
(photo by Helmi Flick)
We're having our cake and eating it too! Marlo is the wonderful companion of Grandma Florene! It's great for us because Marlo comes to visit frequently; and is the perfect companion for my mom ~!
"SkyLily" Retired Queen
UrbanSafari SkyLily of RubyClaw ~
Pedigree: UrbanSafari SkyLily of RubyClaw

Lily is loving her life as a retiree! She has dominion over 2 teeny hounds, and her Tri-Athlete Maria in North Georgia; we also love that her daughter Phoenix Rising is with her, keeping those doggies in line~!

Lily has been a joy from day one!  Thank you so very much Teresa/Urban Safari!  She is a great companion, loves our kids and is probably the the best mother we've ever seen!  Lily has given us our wonderful RW SGC RubyClaw CopperWind, and RubyClaw Phoenix Rising, and is grandmother to our upcoming queens Champion RubyClaw CatNip Champion RubyClaw Pesto Primavera .

"GoldRush" Retired Stud
TGC Mystre GoldRush of RubyClaw
(Triple Grand Champion) 
GoldRush is now known as Gadgy - Amanda adores him; we can't ask for any more! Gadgy is ridiculously spoiled with his family - enjoying life out west; They recently visited the Grand Canyon. See photo pages for breathtaking images~!
"Tracker" Retired Alter Show Cat
RubyClaw Silver Tracks~
Pedigree: RubyClaw Silver Trax
(photo by Helmi Flick)
at On-Safari 2012 show in February
Tracker was:
* Breeders Choice~ Best Bengal Alter
* Breeders Choice~Best Whited Tummy
* 9th Best of the Congress-Alters
"Leopard" Retired Queen
Belrouge LeopardStar of RubyClaw ~
LeopardStar sez:  "Please fill out a Kitten Inquiry. if you'd like to be considered for one of our babies"

Video Link:  Lovely LeopardStar is a real lady who knows how to get what she wants... Frequently wanting a touch up to her manicure, or just a special treat from the pantry!

1987 - 2007
Samantha Meowface
Forever in our hearts

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