May 18, 2015:
Happily announcing we're entering our fifth year as a  "TICA Outstanding Cattery" with a PERFECT score... AGAIN!!!
Happily announcing we're entering our Fifth year as a  "TIBCS Breeder of Distinction"
The little newsletter/article "Why We Feed Raw at RubyClaw has been well received - an updated article has been published in Bengal Illustrated, Volume 7, Issue #1!  We're VERY pleased with this and the accolades from our friends!  Thanks Guys!
Cat Buyer Guide article
We feed a well balanced diet of raw food at RubyClaw Bengals.  We recently wrote a little article for our "news letter'.  It's been well received world wide!  our friends SilverBark Bengals in Western Australia have posted it on their blog; and HappyHouseCats has shared it with their group in the United Kingdom Most happily it was accepted as a 'contributors article' to www.Cat Buyer Guide.com
TICA Trend Article vol 32 #3
We've been really lucky with the good samaritans who have helped us out, and had a chance to write about it; article included in  - The strong ties that develop in the Cat Fancy are evidenced with the plethora of mentors available to lend advise.  Our cats are all the better for it!
our TICA Trend Article vol 31, #5
Screening for HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) is very important for the health of the breed.  We've made a commitment to screen ALL of our breeding felines; and further the education of our children and the Junior Exhibitors of our cat club.
Our cattery is registered with TICA and we are TICA members,
a new member of
and proud subscriber of Bengals Illustrated. we've had one of our photos included in a recent issue!~
Cats are wonderful pets and companions. Their independent spirit and ease of care make them an ideal part of your family. Bengal cats evoke the true nature of a wild warrior. One unusual behavior of Bengal cats is their desire to hide their uneaten food (much like their wild counterparts), it is not unusual to see your Bengal reaching their paw over the food bowl and dropping a blanket over the food. The kits wriggle their bodies before pouncing on a toy (or the family dog!) much to the delight of the hound. All Bengals love water; when the Bengal can't be located, look in the bathtub, you'll find them in there just waiting play time. Their love of heights make the especially delightful and their boundless energy mixed with awesome agility and pure athletic nature make Bengals a treasure for ever.

Links & Resources

About TICA Bengals by The International Cat Association

What is a Bengal by The International Bengal Cat Society

History of Asian Leopard Cat


History of Bengal Cat by Wikipedia

The International Bengal Mentors Association
all the things you need to know

Atlanta FantasTICAts club
co-founding members of cat club to promote/support Junior Exhibitor; Sponsors the HCM screening clinics at Atlanta Georgia TICA shows.

The Bengal Cat Connection
is one of our FAVORITE Bengal resources
Our Feline Friends
Some of our  friends and other resources.

Cheetahsden at BengalFlats [Washington] home of Venus' Mommy & Daddy
BoutiqueCats Bengals [Texas] home of Dolce's Mommy & Daddy
BengalIslandCat [Virginia] home of Santana's Mommy & Daddy
Mystre Bengals [Texas] Home of Grush's Mommy & Daddy
UrbanSafari Bengals [Texas] Home of SkyLily's Mommy & Daddy

Our Close Friends and Home to MANY lovely Cats!
AmazonBengals [Texas]
CheetahsDen [Texas]
Exotique Bengals [Indiana]
Fox Creek Bengals [Illinois]

SouthLynn Bengals  Home of our friends & fellow Junior Exhibitors The Souths
Blue River Abyssinians Home to TICA's 2011 Best of Breed Abyssinian in SE Region!

Cats, like all mammals begin life with no or teeny-tiny teeth. As the kitten grows, the baby teeth are replaced by permanent adult teeth. You can keep watch on the growth, but remember, the new teeth coming in are sensitive. If you're real lucky, you'll see something like Shark Teeth for a while, until the baby teeth fall out.
If you're luckier still (and really observant), you may find the baby teeth in and around the play area.
RubyClaw cats and kittens are raised on a raw food diet. (see link to article). Also, feel free to email us for a copy of the recipe we use! Additionally, we've helped our kitten families migrate their resident cats to a wonder raw diet by using Powdered Chicken Liver from Feline Instinct.com

The International Cat Association Registry for Bengal Cats
Cat Fanciers Association - Registry, newly accepting Bengal cats
The International Bengal Cat Society Voluntary membership society for the betterment of Bengal Cats.
Bengals Pedigree, search for "RubyClaw" as 'prefix' and 'suffix'
Bengals Illustrated  Beautifully executed quarterly magazine on the the Bengal Cat
Bengal Cat Club resource for 'all things Bengals. RubyClaw Bengals are  prefered certified breeder of this club, following good practices for breeding and raising happy Bengals.
The International Bengal Mentor Association mentoring association for Bengal Cat breeders
Cat Channel.com a great resource for all things CATS
Fanciersplus Cat Kittens Breeder Referral
Dedicated cat fanciers source for those with a passion for cats and kittens
Helmi Flick Photographer World Renowned Photographer

Photographer Audra Mitchell is a really good cat photographer
Cat club we co-founded for the advancement of Junior Exhibitors in the cat fancy.  Email Lisa@RubyClaw.com for information on our upcoming HCM Screening Clinics in the Atlanta area.

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