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RubyClaw Cattery is dedicated to the continued development of fine Bengal cats. We are able to help match each person with the right kitten for their family.  I'm Marissa (nick-name "Ruby") and I  aim to know what each cat needs as far as care, what kind of loving kindness needed from the human friend, as well as the trusting play that kittens and cats need." Now that I've graduated from High School, I'm off to the University of Georgia as a Zell Miller Scholar! I'm studying biology and planning on attending Vet School. I really enjoy the genetics aspect of cat breeding; Mom says that's why I've decided to go into animal medicine.
My sister Serina is on an internship at Disney, and her cat Tracker is eagerly awaiting her return. Good thing that we have such a huge pile of friends nearby to continue playing and socializing the kittens. Serina's friend Lily will be the new kitten trainer with the speciality of bubbles and crinkly toys until Serina gets back. I'm glad that UGA is close enough to home so that I can still be hands-on with all the cats.

My brother Nick helps out in the cattery and is really great on vet visit days. mom's glad that he helps carry heavy stuff around.  I think Dolce has adopted Nick as her favorite - anytime Mom is looking for Dolce, she's usually trying to get in to in Nick's room, or is already sitting on Nick's bed.
My dad is a registered nurse, so he's great working with the kittens and helps out a lot, even though he calls everyone 'Hey Kitty' instead of by their names.
And my mom, well, she keeps it all together for us; plans what what we do and when it needs to be done, works out the details for shows we attend, and she STILL has time to play with all the cats and kittens.
I guess that's what a hobby is, something that you do that you love with people you love even more.
Jon & Jiji / Destin Florida
Dear Lisa,
    I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful family edition Jiji. Our RubyClaw kitten is constantly praised for how well behaved and friendly he is around people. For example, all the people at the Vetenarian office praise him, because their past experiences with kittens like him were unfriendly. I spent alot of time researching breeders and gathering information. I happened to find the RubyClaw website and was instantly impressed with the layout and updated information, especially after seeing so many other breeders sites that were years out of date. After some emails back and forth with Lisa and our first phone conversation, I was hooked. It was information overload, but in the best way possible. Lisa had all the answers to my concerns. The why and how raw diet could be easily managed and just how beneficial it would be for our future kitten was something I would not have believed possible. After that call, I immediately knew I wanted to work with the RubyClaw family. If I am lucky enough too, I would gladly do it again in the future.
Jon, Andrea and the kids "Proud Bengal Owner family"
p.s. Anyway I hope this brief testimonial and pictures are something you could maybe use on the site, I cannot thank you and your family enough for our amazing kitten. He is just so awesome!!!!
Teresa & Tigger - Marietta Ga
A RubyClaw Testimonial...
Dear Lisa,
I’m writing this letter to let you know how pleased we are to have gotten Tigger from RubyClaw Cattery. As you know we spent a lot of time finding just the right breed of cat for our family, and likewise just the right breeder for our cat. From our first contact with you, our experience exceeded our expectations. Not only did you respond to our inquiry quickly, but you willing spend over an hour on the phone answering questions and educating me on Bengals and your cattery. I was so excited after talking with you the first time, I almost didn’t bother contacting the other breeders on my list. But, I’m glad I did, because that’s how I figured out how unique RubyClaw is. It’s safe to say, RubyClaw stood out from the others. Your breeding standards/methods are truly special and so are your cats.
When Paige and I came by to see the kittens for the first time, I was blown away by the incredible personality of SugarRush. I’ve had many cats in my life time, but never one so friendly, inquisitive and confident. I felt as if she was interviewing me as much as you were. Right then I knew your cats were different and I knew they were receiving exceptional care.
Tigger is a “wonderful” addition to our family. She is such a beauty and she gets more beautiful everyday. We love her so much already. I can’t remember ever having a cat with a better personality. She is friendly, playful, affectionate and so smart, like her mama. She’s made friends with the dog and my husband. Most important for us, Tigger has bonded with Paige. The two-week integration plan you outlined for us has been invaluable. It wasn’t until we started letting Tigger out and about the house, that we realized how beneficial the confinement period had been (2-weeks in Paige’s bathroom plus 1 week in Paige’s bathroom + bedroom.) Tigger now knows that Paige’s room is her “home base” and she looks to him for security. She sleeps with him and always let’s him hold her. She even “talks” to him in a sweet demure way. This is perfect. Paige is getting the best “kitten” experience we could have hoped for.
Then there was the vet. I think I told you how impressed my veterinarian was with Tigger’s pedigree book, your feeding standards, vaccine standards, etc. and Tigger’s overall health. They treated her like a movie star.
Since I know raising Bengals is a family affair at RubyClaw, I want to say, from my family to yours, “Thank you,” for all you do to raise such special cats and “Thank you,” for being our Bengal support system.
Teresa, Allan, Paige, Bubba and T - I - double guh - ERRR!
Jennifer D. & Leonardo Leoprado.. - San Gimignano Italy

Hello Lisa,
First of all I want to thank you for creating this amazing creature!  My husband and I are so in love with our baby Bengal Leo!  I can’t even imagine life without him.  He makes the most mundane things exciting.  And I smile every time he does anything.  He is just so adorable and lovely!  He brings so much happiness into our lives!  He is 0% scared and 150% curios. He follows us around every wear we go.  My favorite thing is waking up to find him licking my eyes or smelling my ear.

The flight to Italy from Atlanta- Leo was so much better than I expected… not an easy task but all went well .  I have learned that he is claustrophobic or his wild-side doesn’t go well with being closed in his carry case.  He began to cry pretty loud as we took off.  So I took him into the bathroom and let him out of his case and just held him and he was fine.  During the 10 hour flight I can’t take him out of his case, so I held the case in my lap.  All I had to do was open the door and let him rest his head on my hand with the door open to calm him.  And mid flight, he got antsy and so I took him to the bathroom again… he had to pee pee… the sink did the trick! He couldn’t have done any worse than all the stinky passengers in that tiny bathroom.  Kitty Relief! :)

Leo Living the Italian Life - He is completely adjusting to his Italian life-style.  He loves the Italian ham!  We got to the house and he was curious all over and not afraid of anything.  I think he likes it better here.  I have to keep the windows in the house closed because I am scared he will fall the 5 flights down to the cobblestone street below.  I can just imagine him chasing a pigeon (because they set in our windowsills).  He still is bidet potty trained, which is an amazing thing not to have to clean cat pee! I took him out on the town last night and everyone was snapping photos of this adorable Bengal on a leash!  He cries when we leave the house because he wants to go discover Italy too! I need to get him a tiny-helmet so he can ride the scooter with me! LOL

I promise to send photos soon.  The ones I took so far are in the house and dark.  I have tons more pics to send on my other phone of him in an Italian city w sculptures etc.

Yesterday we took him with us on the 2.5 hour car ride. He was great in the car. My husband had some business meetings and we took Leo with us. I have funny pics of him in our TOiBLU boxes www.toiblu.com is our company that we are starting. The crazy thing is that now he is Soviet trained, he won't pee outside. We walked yesterday for an hour outside waiting for my husband to finish his meetings - no pee. We got in the car to go to our second meeting and he started looking for a place to pee. We had to pull over to go to a rest stop to take him into the bathroom to pee in a sink. He had to go so bad. Such a funny creature!!! Wild and cray cray AND uber sanitary!!!! He teaches himself these things. Not me! I kept saying pee Leo! While outside and me scratching I the dirt... Hilarious!!! Thank goodness no one was I the bathroom cause trying to explain why my cat pees in a sink. Awkward!!! Funny that we are in the toilet business... he is toilet obsessed.
The butcher is making me two batches of ground meat tomorrow: a whole chicken with extra hearts and livers & a rabbit with extra livers and hearts.  Tomorrow I will make my first homemade meal!  He eats like a ravenous animal.
Thanks so much for being an amazing Breeder and I recommend you to all of my friends!

Blake Y.  & Griffey- Atlanta Georgia
After doing my own research but prior to contacting RubyClaw, I was fairly certain I wanted a Bengal kitten. Beautiful animals and a lively spirit seemed like a great combination. I began looking at breeders in my region and Lisa & Marissa aka RubyClaw was the most appealing for so many reasons.
I found their website to be friendly, informative, and professional. I felt their passion for breeding and that drew me in. I contacted them and through a few conversations and meetings I was able to bring home my soon to be best friend.
Having Griffey has been such an experience. Much different than the domestic cats I have owned in the past but with love and compassion we have bonded beautifully. RubyClaw cattery makes you feel like family and I highly recommend them.
Thank you very much!


Lisa G. & HollyLeaf / Lincolnton Georgia
We found RubyClaw cattery online. I spoke with Lisa many times on the phone asking questions because I was not familiar with this breed. I have a Maine Coon at home. The day we picked up out Holly leaf to take her to her forever home Lisa talked with me for over an hour on how to integrate the two cats, how to care for Holly and her habits. Lisa was very kind and understanding of all my questions. I have nothing but the highest rating for Lisa and RubyClaw cattery. Holly Leaf and Sabrina are best buddies now. They are very happy and do everything together.

Ingrid K. & Cheetah - Marietta, Georgia
If you are considering a Bengal cat, I would highly recommend RubyClaw Bengals.  On the surface, you see cats with multiple Champion titles being bred with cats of similar quality.  Behind the scenes, these pairings are specifically selected to maximize the possibility of a healthy litter by using DNA testing and genetic statistics.  I was initially looking for a pretty cat with a friendly disposition.  As I learned more, I began to appreciate all the work that goes into following the breed standard that is judged in cat shows.
As a pedigreed cat, the Bengal blood lines are documented as far back as 15-20+ generations.  You can find the specific Asian Leopard Cat(s) that ultimately contributed to the genetics of your RubyClaw kitten and to the Bengal cats of today.  In order to help you enjoy the best of what this breed has to offer, Lisa is there to answer as many questions as you have.  Their kittens are raised with daily human contact and love, and this provides a head start to a happy life. 
I received a couple noteworthy compliments about my new kitten, Cheetah that I’d like to share:
  • Her Veterinarian gave her a clean bill of health, and said that I obviously found a top notch breeder.  She added “strikingly beautiful” in her notes.
  • Another Bengal breeder with 20 years’ experience commented on her as follows: “She is a gorgeous kitten.  Very nice type and a beautiful pattern... I would consider her a breeder quality kitten.”
It’s a journey to follow your pet from birth to final selection.  After the anticipation of which kitten will be the best fit, you bring home your new gal/guy to a slow immersion of your environment.  In my case, the final exhale of relief occurred when Cheetah and Kanga, my two year old tabby cat, curled up together like litter mates at the foot of my bed for the entire night.  Both were purring!
There are breeders that will get you a cat, and there are breeders who will provide you with a well-adjusted kitty.  It’s obvious RubyClaw fits the ladder, and I trust the way they are running their Cattery!
Bari A. & Mako - Lawrenceville, Georgia
When I first contacted Lisa, I was interested in getting a kitten.  I had a lot of questions about the Bengal breed.  Also, having mild allergies to animals, I wanted to meet my kitty before taking him to ensure there would be no issues.  Lisa spent about an hour or more on the phone with me answering every nit-picky question I had, and I was very impressed with her immediately, as she had no idea if my questions would eventually turn into a sale.  While Bengals are NOT hypo-allergenic, they do have less dander than many other domestic breeds.  About a month or so, later, I went to a local cat show, that I knew RubyClaw would be attending, and met Lisa in person, as well as a couple of her cats (the amazingly gorgeous Copper, sweet young loving Santana and SugarRush).  I was instantly in love.  I then monitered her website for upcoming litters, and one day, I called her about one of these litters and in discussion, she mentioned that they also had a returned adult, who was about a year old (not expecting this to be who I would choose, as I had told her I wanted a kitten).  His first owner had personal circumstances arise and decided he was no longer a good fit for their family. I was immediately interested, knowing that an adult might be easier to acclimate to my husband's and my work schedule.  So we went to meet Mako.  What a beautiful boy, and I had no allergic reaction! I was still a little skeptical at first, as he seemed a little "distant" from me, on our first meeting.  However, he warmed quickly, and we decided to keep him.
Mako has been a wonderful addition to our home.  We've taught him to sit, shake and twirl for treats (however, if no treat is in hand, no obedience is returned--lol).  He is way more intelligent than your average pet.
It took almost a year for him to fully bond with us and trust that we are actually "his" people/family. His detachment is completely gone.
When we first got him, he used to stress out, whenever we'd leave the house, and cry and try to block us from walking out the door.  Now, while he no longer gets stressed in the morning, he cuddles and purrs to try to manipulate us into staying (thus, we are late to work more often than we should be, because who can resist that).  If we leave after coming home from work, though, he still goes to the door and cries because he misses us.  He also runs to greet us at the door, when we get home, and if we take to long to come in (such as taking to our neighbors), he will cry for us to come in and greet him.  The moment we walk in, we are greeted with rolling & flopping over on the floor, purrs and head-butts, along with full conversations (yes, he tells us clearly that he's happy we're home).  What a greeting for the end of the work-day!
If you want a cat to lay around and be out of the way, don't go for a Bengal.  Yes, they are beautiful, but they also have an extremely high level of energy.  Mako is very playful and keeps us fully entertained.

He is a full family-member, not just a lap-decoration. He wants to be a part of EVERYTHING we do. He follows us from room to room, wants to be included in the conversation, wants to interact with guests that come over (who thankfully almost always love him). He also wants to challenge our rules, like a 2-year old child, just to see what he can and cannot get away with-lol.  And mostly, wants our attention, and will make sure we know it. He is still very affectionate, though. When he's relaxed and I and/or my husband are relaxing, he will climb in my/our lap and go to sleep.  He sleeps right up against me on the bed at night, too.
If you get a cat (any breed), PLEASE go in with your eyes-wide open that this is for the long haul.  Mako is a wonderful boy, but it's evident that these guys bond very deeply with their humans, and go through a lot of pain at losing the ones they had learned to trust. The family that owned him, before, had a child. To this day (over a year and a half, later), when he hears a child on TV, he immediately runs into the room, ears perked up, looking for him, and it breaks my heart every time.
I'm thankful that Lisa keeps up with her cats, and that she was available to take Mako back when the need arose.  You hear so many horror stories about breeders, and it gives an unfair rap to those who really strive to create quality, healthy, loveable animals. I'm thankful that she stays in touch with me, even now, because it shows that her business is truly for the welfare of the animals she breeds. 

Marie D. & Freya *Blissful Bengals - New Hampshire
I just want to say thank you Lisa & Marissa for Freya aka “Carrots.”
She is truly the sweetest kitty and very good natured. You can tell she was well socialized and she adapted very quickly to our family. Immediately she was super great with my kids and this is extremely important to me. As I have told you before…she is RIDICULOUSLY affectionate...I love with her “flying headbutts”! Freya also fits right in with the dogs and is a very confident kitty! She is an amazing bengal kitty and so glad to have her in our lives. It has been so easy talking with you and all my questions are quickly and thoroughly answered. It is comforting to know you are there for support at any time and I value the time you taken already to go over details in her lineage, care and advice. I am very excited to get her into some upcoming shows and show her off! We will surely stay in touch and thank you so much for trusting us with one your babies!


Mary Michael O. & Liam - Atlanta Georgia.
"This is Liam, the latest addition to our household and our very first Bengal! It hasn’t even been a year, yet we already share a timeless bond. It is obvious how handsome Liam is, but his intelligence is remarkable as well. This photograph was taken when I was leaving Atlanta to visit some friends and family in my hometown of Virginia Beach, VA. Although this was the first out-of-state trip I had ever taken since Liam become a part of our family, it was obvious he knew I was leaving; “Don’t leave, Mom” he yearns on top of my suitcase. Fortunately, I was only gone for the weekend and able to return to my precious and excited Bengal in no time. Thank you Lisa, for such as amazing addition to our family!"


Amy M. & Hope - Texas
"I'm so excited I will be getting my new Bengal the 20th or 21st. After the tragic loss of are other 2 we are now ready for our new baby. Here name is Hope. I knew the minute I heard her name, that she was ours we needed a little Hope! I want to thank our breeder for getting us through our loss. Lisa has been such an awesome person and Bengal lover. Thanks Lisa! Please pray that she has a good flight and that we have a good drive back!..."

Tyler B. & Paisley - Montegomery Alabama
"...WOW Lisa, I want to tell you how much "IN LOVE" I am with Paisley. She is amazing beyond anything I expected. What a wonderful experience owning a Bengal has been so far. She is intelligent, fun, and loving. We play fetch, she comes when I call her, I come when she calls me, she rides in the car with me. She loves belly scratches and at night she snuggles right up against me. Today she and Wiggy, our Chihuahua, played chase and she loves the sliding board ( in both directions).  Paisley loves the tub. She will stretch out and lay down in the warm water or beg me to put more in when I drained it. She becomes more striking and beautiful every day. Her markings are so dramatic. What a pleasure it has been doing business with you. Your knowledge of the breed and professionalism set the standards high for The RubyClaw Cattery and it shows in the quality of the kittens your cattery produces. Thank you for your guidance and  patience, I definitely made the right choice in breeder, breed, and kitten. 

With sincerity and gratitude,  Tyler  "

Amy H. & AngelGold - Kennesaw Georgia

"...Just wanted to say thank you again to the Stacholy family and RubyClaw as our very first Bengal "AngelGold" we bought at their Cattery! They were wonderful all the way through answering all of our questions and letting us look at available kittens before picking her up, when she was ready at 12 weeks and every last detail was taken care of by them! And after bringing her home, they have continued to be a great resource on her care and on Bengals! Looking forward to future shows and getting established and know this is 1 of mentors that we can count on to help answer our questions through many processes! THANKS AGAIN! And love reading of your wins and great show Bengals! WOW! "
Leah C & Leonidas - Hot Springs Arkansas
"I recently purchased a Bengal kitten from RubyClaw. I can't begin to say how happy I am with how he is turning out.  I had an experience with a different breeder and unfortunately my kitten had FIP. It was a heart wrenching ordeal. Needless to say I was very apprehensive to begin the process again.

Lisa has been so patient with all my questions. (and I had a lot!) She spent much time with me on the phone explaining exactly what would take place and sent me pictures of my kitten as he grew. I received him via flight. She kept contact with me the entire time and explained the process play by play. He arrived purring and doing "air biscuits". He is gorgeous and  everything I dreamed he would be. I believe they are committed to raising healthy Bengals first and foremost and that is just what I was looking for. I would not hesitate to purchase another Bengal from RubyClaw."

Suzanne O. & Oliver - Miami Florida
"...I'd like to write a bit about my adoption experience from RubyClaw Bengals. It was an extremely important decision for me to adopt the right cat. I love the Bengals but I had heard conflicting stories about owning the cats. So, I found out that Lisa bred Bengals through a close friend. We gave Lisa a call and she was kind enough to spend about an hour of her time on the phone with me going over all of the fine points of owning a Bengal cat. She directed me to a few helpful resources and my decision was made to make a Bengal a member of our household. It was also clear to me that Lisa cared very much about the home that her kitties were going to. She worked with me right from the start when the next litter was born, discussing the traits and features that were most important to us in our cat. She understood exactly what I meant when I said that a beautiful face and a spirited personality were very important to me. She sent me almost daily updates on the liter with photos, descriptions of "what they were doing" and even a video or two. I felt like I was in the very best of hands and I was. Together and with the help of Lisa's daughter we decided on 'RiverClan' who became Oliver. She helped me select a proper food and started Oliver on the food prior to sending him to me. She even sent a few cans along with Oliver to be sure I was well supplied. Lisa tracked Oliver's flights to Miami and stayed in touch with me all day as I was very nervous and excited. He arrived and was just beautiful, healthy, super well adjusted and very well behaved. He used a scratching post, a liter box and was completely unafraid of my dogs. I found him to be easy to train, loving, and very devoted if not a bit possessive :-). He has been a joy. He had big shoes to fill because my Big Brown 18 year old Siamese, Buster, who was the love of my life had passed away three months before Oliver came. Oliver entertains us every day and is everything that we hoped that he would be and more. He gets more gorgeous every day and has adapted perfectly to the family. Even the parrots, although that did require a squirt gun for a couple of weeks. Lisa and I still communicate with stories of her cats and Oliver and she always seems to be thrilled to hear about his current antics. I could not recommend Ruby Claw Bengals more highly as a breeder and I am one persnickety girl. Congrats to RubyClaw for the great job that they do and thank you for providing me with a wonderful animal companion that I adore in every way. Sincerely and with best Wishes, Suzanne..."
We attend as many TICA shows in the southeast USA as we possibly can!  Take a look at the TICA show calendar and inquire - perhaps we'll be at a Cat Show near you and we can visit!

like the TICA web site says, it's all about "Felines, Fun and Friendship", we agree whole heartedly!  We breed for our family hobby; some families do swim team, or soccer or other sports; we do some of that, and we also show cats, it's our passion!  It's very exciting, emotionally rewarding and a lot of work.  We like to research, learn new things from other hobby breeders at the shows and just enjoy each others company.  We've made some really great friends in the cat fancy!

Come see us soon~

Our NEXT Show:
Due to the CoronaVirus, all shows with TICA and CFA have been cancelled. Be on the lookout for the return of CatShows!
Our PAST Shows:
click to enlarge image
The 2013-2013 show season was fast and FUN!  the kids all placed as junior exhibitors in the South East Region (Great job kids!  me and Dad are SO proud of you guys!)

Two of our cats earned their Supreme Grand Champion titles and also are Regional Winners!

One of our home-grown girlies earned her Champion title!

(photos coming soon!)
January 2012 Ft. Walton Beach, FL- Destiny Cat Fanciers:  Our Junior Exhibitors did GREAT!  Serina (Senior Advanced) ) and Nic (Junior Intermediate) did a great job, both earning FIRST PLACE in their divisions; Nic let CopperWind enjoy his show debut; Serina handled SilverTrax expertly!  We also participated in the Clerking School taught by Laurie Patton, the Extrodinaire!
The kittens did well, lots of opportunities for them to learn 'how to be a show kitty'.  I'm always thankful for the exhibitors who take the time to 'talk cats' with us, and share their knowledge, opinions and experience.  Thanks Folks!
October 2011 Norcross, Ga- Party Cats:  Our Junior Exhibitors did GREAT!  Marissa (Junior Advanced) and Nic (Junior Intermediate) did a great job, and Nic earned 1st place in his division, with the debut of RubyClaw SilverTrax!  GoldRush gathered enough points and a final to earn his Triple Grand Champion title!  Marissa has a wonderful time helping out world renowned photographer Helmi Flick; and is looking forward to doing it again!  Serina presented a wonderful seminar on Feline Nutrition!  what a great show - Party Cats Club... you OUTDID YOURSELVES  A fabulous time was had by all!
July 2011 Columbia SC- Kitt Flicks SE Regional Show:  Our Junior Exhibitors did GREAT!  Serina  (Senior Novice), Marissa (Junior Intermediate) both got first place in their competition level with GoldRush, although, he had other ideas... A fabulous time was had by all!
July 2011 Hickory NC- Kudzu Kat Club:  GoldRush finaled in 2 rings, earning Double Grand Champion title - thank you to judge Ed Manning!  Our Junior Exhibitors were very busy too!  Marissa helped our friend Sam of Big Creek PixieBobs show her cats (who BOTH earned Supreme titles), Serina worked as assistant clerk for Laurie Patton's ring on both days, Nic worked as a steward on Saturday for Barb Kissinger's ring.  All three kids participated in the JE ring on Sunday morning, JE judge Ed Manning was fabulous!
June 2011 Athens AL- North Alabama Feline Fanciers:  GoldRush finaled in 5 rings with and is now a Grand Champion!  JE's did very well also; Serina 1st place and Marissa 2nd place competing against each other in the Junior Intermediate division (gotta love the sibling rivalry) and hugs to Nicholas cheering on his older sisters!

Nicholas *finally* realized that the kitties get all the attention... so he *tried* to be a cat too!
April 2011 Atlanta- Southern SophisTICAts:  GoldRush first adult final, 5th All Breed from Richard Bailey and becomes a TICA Champion!  Another successful HCM screening clinic sponsored by our club Atlanta FantasTICAts!  What a great show!
March 2011-Alabama Paws and Claws:  First show as adults!  JE's did a Fine Job too!
February 2011-Destiny Cat Fancier, Ft. Walton Beach:  First Show for our kittens!
Had a wonderful time, benched next to our friends Mark and Karen Pennington of Mystre Bengals (Thanks guys - you really ARE that nice!)
GoldRush had one final "3rd Best Kitten-Specialty Ring!"
SkyLily watched, listened and played a bit.
Our Junior Exhibitors did great as well!  Marissa earned 2nd place, while Nick and Serina tied for 3rd with the other JE competitors.  Serina and Marissa distinguished themselves, working one full day each as Assistant Ring Clerks!  heartfelt thanks to Bonnie C.!
RubyClaw Junior Exhibitors at Southern SophisTICAts April 10.  Congrats to Serina - first Junior Exhibitor ring! and to  Nick & Marissa, JE ring entries AND 1st time ring stewarding!  Congrats to LeopardStar, 6th place in Bengal Congress ring!  Our JE's also worked the HCM screening clinic put on by our club Atlanta FantasTICAts!  It was a GREAT show!~
RubyClaw Junior Exhibitors at Alabama Paws & Claws March 20.  Congrats to Nick and Marissa - first Junior Exhibitor rings!
Our friend Judi at RegalAir Bengals shared this wonderful poem.

Passion, love and respect for Bengal cats is at the root of our hobby.


I love my little kitty; she makes my house a home.
She is my very best friend; I never feel alone.
She makes me smile;
She makes me laugh;
She fills my heart with love . . .
Did some breeder breed her, or did she fall down from above?
I've never been a breeder, never seen life through their eyes;
I hold my little kitty and just sit and criticize.
I've never known their anguish; I've never felt their pain, the caring of their charges,
through snow or wind or rain.
I've never sat the whole night through, waiting for babies to be born,
the stress and trepidation when they're still not there by dawn.
I've never felt the heartache of a little life in my hands,
this darling little baby, who weighs but 60 grams.
Should you do that instead of this . . . or this instead of that?
Alone you fight and hope one day, he'll grow to be a cat.
You pray he'll live to bring joy to another family, and make a house a home.
You know it's all just up to you; you'll fight this fight alone.
Formula, bottles, heating pads, you've got to get this right,
two-hour feedings for this tiny guy, throughout the day and night.
In your heart you know you're almost sure to lose this epic fight, to save this little baby,
but God willing . . . you just MIGHT.
Day one he's in there fighting; you say a silent prayer.
Day two & three, he's doing well, with lots of love and care.
Day four & five . . . he's still alive; your hopes soar to the heavens.
Day six he slips away again, dies in your hands day seven.
You take this little angel, and bury him alone.
With aching heart and burning tears, and an exhausted groan, you ask yourself,
"Why do this? . . . Why suffer all this pain?"
But see the joy your kittens bring . . . it really self-explains.
So, when you think of breeders and label them with "Greed,"
Think about what they endure to fill anothers need.
When you buy a kitten, and with your precious dollars part,
You only pay with money . . . we pay with a piece of our heart.

.... Author Unknown....

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