Bengal cats really love to be outside, they are quite capable of running faster than you can.  The Bengal’s ancestor Asian Leopard Cat is a tree-dweller; their ability to climb and leap is extremely evident in the Bengal  The athletic ability of the Bengal cat makes 'kittens-play' of wiggle out of a regular cat collar or figure-8 harness.

To satisfy the Bengal’s desire to romp about outside, (and the owner’s need for cat safety) we've designed and make our own walking jackets.  A walking jacket fits snugly around the cat and is secured at the neck and around the mid-section, this makes it very hard to wiggle out of; while providing extreme freedom of movement for kitty to explore.

We have refined out walking jackets, are really happy with the results and are *finally* willing to offer them for sale.  We have developed:
3 sizes ("Kitten", "Adult", "Cat-zilla") along
Our jackets use a reinforced 'spine' with the leash connection nearer the "center of power", (the shoulder blades) not at the neck (gag reflex) or the waist (back foot/leash hazard), for best control, maximum cat comfort and owner happiness.  Please see below for images (click to enlarge) comments always welcomed!  Contact us for additional ordering information.

Supreme Grand Champion RubyClaw CopperWind enjoying a walk in the garden in his Utility Walking Jacket  (photo courtesy of Audra Mitchell)

LeopardStar lounging in a tree while out for a walk in the woods in her Elegant Jacket  (photo courtesy of Audra Mitchell)
Classical Walking Jacket and Leash Options
Color Preference: provide 2

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