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Kittens & Litters 'in planning' Contact us for your reservation!!!

We are very much looking forward to the summer litters! Call Lisa if you are interested in a one of these babies or if future retiring queen, stud or show kitty might fit your family better.
update: February 2022 all current kittens are sold, and we are adding to our "Contact Me" list for upcoming litters. Our remaining planned breedings may have availability, and we do occasionally have retirees available and/or some of our very close Bengal breeder friends with whom we recommend unconditionally, may have kittens or adolescents availble. Please do continue to email and/or call/text for availability. Earliest availabilty for future kittens is late spring / summer 2022


RubyClaw is a small cattery hobby breeding Bengal cats by the Stacholy Family of Georgia.
We are a dual registered Cattery in both TICA and CFA. In TICA, we have been an Outstanding Cattery (multiple year PERFECT scores)! We have also held the TIBCS Breeder of Distinction award!
Our passions extend to all companion friends in addition to our wonderfully wild Bengal cats.  We are of course proud members of TICA (The International Cat Association), TIBCS (The International Bengal Cat Society) and CFA (Cat Fanciers Association).

We believe that raising healthy cats is so very important, and have an intensive program for health screening/testing which includes (but is not limited to) annual HCM Screenings, genetic testing for PK-def and PRA, FeLV/FIV, TriTrich testing just to name a few.  The veterinarians we use are our 'team members' helping us to have the healthiest (and happiest) kittens and cats ever!

All of our animals are raised in our home with plenty of love and attention.

Kittens are available for sale, and they usually are ready for their FUReverFamily between 12 weeks/3 months old; they and have the appropriate vaccinations/immunizations, preventative deworming, and are microchip along with veterinary care until they come to invade your heart!  We include a specially prepared and customized "I'm Going Home" bag of goodies to help your kitten transition from our home to yours.  We provide special opportunities to interact with the kittens while they are growing up, and offer incredible support once they are in your loving home.  Please see some of the testimonials from our "RubyClaw Kitty" families.

So pull up chair, browse our site to learn more about some very special cats!
December 2021:
Betsy Ross and Tinkerbell are doing a FANTASTIC job raising their litters; all of these babies have the superb coat and contrast that Java is becoming "famous" for! Stay Tuned for more RubyClaw shenanagins!

February 2021:
Java is a proud papa as Izzy delivered 5 wonderful kittens. it's a first here at RubyClaw that this entire litter is all girls!  BetsyRoss is pregnant and expecting in early March. follow us on facebook Lisa RubyClaw Stacholy Stay Tuned for more RubyClaw shenanagins!

March 2020:

end of 2019 and early 2020 saw the retirement of Melody and CloverBelle; We are looking forward to Crystals pregnancy by Java, and when Izzy visits her favorite guy Ezio for a 'sleepover" hahaha.  follow us on facebook Lisa RubyClaw Stacholy Stay Tuned for more RubyClaw shenanagins!

December 2019:
Java, Tinkerbell and all our TICA friends at cat show in Temple Georgia:  follow us on facebook Lisa RubyClaw Stacholy

September 2019:
Java and Tinkerbell storm the showhall in North Augusta South Carolina:   follow us on facebook Lisa RubyClaw Stacholy

Summer Update, 2019:
Two new breeder cats this summer! Java and Tinkerbell! Hugs and thanks to Donna / BengalislandCats for Java and Sarah Mabry-Cate Delaney/ExotiqueBengals-CoolCats for our wonderful Tinkerbell!  I see wonderful cat shows, exquisite babies and all the spotted bengal love into the future!

Summer Update, 2018:
KYaaHoo!  our new queen has arrived! Many humble thanks to Sami Kerr of A-kerrs Bengals for sharing her awesome line of cats with us.  A-Kerr's Isabella of RubyClaw "Izzy" had a great flight in from Ohio with Sami, coming in to Atlanta to attend the CFA annual meeting! Izzy is superb in every way - we're looking forward to her first pairing with Santana... Stay Tuned!
Also **Hurray** Melody x Ezio kittens have arrived! 2 Seal Lynx points and 3 Brown Spotted babies! Stay tuned for photos!

Spring Update, 2018:
Clover Belle has been enjoying her 'kittenhood' going to cat shows, Venus one of our keeper retirees is enjoying being shown in the Alter class, and she's already earned her QCGA title. We're hopeful she'll win some reginal award at the end of the show season. We're eagerly awaiting our next queen... be on the lookout for the announcement!

Winter Update, 2018:
Kittens of Melody x Copper have all gone to their forever homes, kitten Clover will stay at RubyClaw to be a show/breeder kitty. She is absolutely awesome, bringing forth the best of her mom and her dad! Stay tuned for further developments on our little "RubyClaw CloverBelle". We're planning our spring breedings, Check back for the Who-What!

Spring Update, 2017:

**We're planning our show season and breeding schedule! Very exciting news on a very special queen who will be joining us at the On-Safari cat show this February! Stay tuned for this big announcement!

Winter Update, 2016:
**SugarRush x Santana's babies are growing like weeds! We've decided that one of their baby girls will need to stay here at RubyClaw and become a show kitty/breeder queen; more on that later.  Our new Rising Queen BoutiqueCats RiverSong of RubyClaw aka "Mel" from Kathy and Kelly is absolutely wonderful! Although she's still getting used to the show circuit, she has purred her way in to Nicholas' heart! 

Summer Update, 2016:

**Ezio earns his Quad Grand Champion title! Super SUPER proud of this home grown awesome cat! Ruby is already talking about "When Ezio retires... he will be MY college kitty!"  I say "Yes dear daughter, however he can't live in the dorms because he's not enrolled at UGA". We had so much fun at the SE regional show in Grovetown Ga! It was awesome that Ingrid (who has 2 of our bengal's) entered RubyClaw Angus Lir in the kitten class! Angus did fantastic in the show and earned two finals! Way to go Angus!!!

Spring Update, 2016:
**Pesto x Copper and SugarRush x Santana babies are just ADORABLE! Their families are wonderful and we're very happy to have such good matches between the kitten's personailities and their families! 

Winter Update, 2015:
**We are eagerly awaiting pregnancy confirmation of Champion CatNip and Champion SugarRush, as sired by our Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion BengalIslandCat Santana of RubyClaw! 
**Champion SugarRush, as sired by our Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion BengalIslandCat Santana of RubyClaw! 

Spring Update, 2015:
Ruby and Lisa were interviewing on for the radio show "Pets and their People" by Dave and George Parente of 920am in Princeton New Jersey aired on April 17, 2015! The 15+ minute interview hits the endearing features of the wonderful Bengal Cat! The interview was lots of fun - so much that Ruby wants to do more!
link to Pets and their People radio show can be found here.

Winter Update, 2014:

WaaHoo!!!  own Champion Pesto Primavera was Best Female in Congress at Atlanta FantasTICAts show November 29-30

Fall Update, 2014:
**we are joyously announcing a wonderful litter of gorgeous babies by Champion RubyClaw SugarRush sired by our Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion BengalIslandCat Santana of RubyClaw!  Mom and babies are doing great, and settling into their routein.  AND, we are EAGERLY awaiting pregnancy confirmation of Champion BoutiqueCats Dolce of RubyClaw, also sired Santana!  Only prescious  few reservations remain for these fall litters; contact us if interested.

Summer Update, 2014:
**We are EAGERLY awaiting pregnancy confirmation of Phoenix and Sugar, both sired by our RW, SGC Santana!  Only precuiys few reservations remain for these fall litters; contact us if interested.

Spring Update, 2014:
Vali & Santana's baby "HollyLeaf" is available, and looking for her forever home.

**We are EAGERLY awaiting Dolce's litter with Copper as the proud papa.  Call us at 404-247-3335 or email Cats@RubyClaw.com

Fall Update, 2013:
*Vali's and Santana's babies are WOWie wonderful, offering the "impish" nature of their mommy Vali, the stunning structure of their daddy Santana - These are the kind of babies we strive to produce. Just LOVE these guys; HollyLeaf is available.  Click here for link to their album.
* Pesto received 2 Kitten Finals at the Atlanta FantasTICAts show held over Thanksgiving weekend!  Yea Pesto!
Summer Update, 2013:
*Vali's pregnancy is confirmed!  Anticipating a beautiful litter in mid-September, Now accepting reservations!
* SkyLily's litter arrived 7/19/13!  (this litter is sold)
* TICA Outstanding Cattery! awarded on 6/7/13 celebrating our "2 year" anniversary.  This also extends our "Breeder of Distinction" designation with TIBCS!
* Decided on a name! Phoenix X Basil baby will be called "Pesto" - cute, it makes us giggle when we call her and she comes bounding up to play!
* SkyLily pregnant!  Santana will be a proud papa!  anticipating these babies in July
Spring Updates, 2013:
* Phoenix  x Basil baby HAS ARRIVED!  and she's everything we've DREAMED about!  Phoenix is resting comfortable, VERY proud of this little gem, and purring at all the ooh's and ahh's we're bestowing on her  Humble thanks to our friend and mentor Karen and Mark Pennington of Mystre Bengals.
* Phoenix confirmed pregnant!  Eagerly awaiting her arrival home to rest up for the birth of these babies sired by the #1 International Bengal "Spice Basil" with thanks to our friend and mentor Karen and Mark Pennington of Mystre Bengals.
* Marlo and Copper are proud to announce the arrival of their two babies!  Both brown spotted (1 male and 1 female)  Photos to come soon!
* Vali is a mommy!!!  And Santana is a proud papa of a cool brown spotted baby born 2/27/13
Winter Updates, 2013:
* WaaHoo!!! Santana is a now a Quad Grand Champion after the Florida Sun Cats show in Jacksonville - huggs and kisses to our friend Jennifer of Blue River Aby's for agenting our 'arm sucker'!

* ValiantStar "Vali" and Santana are expecting!  Check back for updates on this litter!
* Santana is a Triple Grand Champion after the Southern SophisTICAts show in Jekyll Island
* VERY proud to announce RubyClaw CopperWind earned his SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION title at the Atlanta FantasTICAts show with a Best Cat awarded by Judge John Creech and also Penny Garrett!
* our own BengalislandCat Santana of RubyClaw is now a Double Grand Champion after the show sponsored by Volunteer Cat Club in Signal Mountain Tennessee.
* SkyLily and GoldRush are proud parents!  6 lovely brown spotted babies were born on 10/10/12.

It is our intent to remain as a hobby breeder and that our children can continue to show our cats as Junior Exhibitors in shows in TICA; will maintain 4 or less breeding females; we cannot ship any animals via cargo, all pet purchases must comply with regulations & requirements for hobby breeder status and transactions occur 'face to face'.  Please call us if you have any questions. 404-247-3335.
click here for our shipping policy effective November 18, 2013 as a result of the new USDA/APHIS regulations.
We are dismayed and very disappointed at the damage and unintended consequences the actions taken by the federal government will have on hobby breeders & pedigree pets.

click here to read more about our policy on purchasing our pets.

Fall Updates, 2012:
* CONFIRMED PREGNANT! our beautiful SkyLily is expecting!  Be on the look-out for these beautiful babies in mid-October.  Place your deposit NOW to reserve your spot.
Summer Updates, 2012: 
*Super new resource for Pet Buyers!  it's called "Cat Buyer Guide", has great information for first time pedigree cat buyers, as well as fabulous sage reminders for folks looking to add another feline to their home. 
* our own RubyClaw Phoenix Rising had a "Best Kitten" in her very first show at her very first ring at the South East Regional show in St. Augustine Florida. 
* Santana's show hall debut in Hickory NC was just WOW! Earning two (yes TWO) Best Kitten SH finals!  and two 7th place Best Kitten all breed.
* CopperWind had an equally impressive showing at the Kudzu Show; earning 2 finals - Best Short Hair and 2nd Best Short Hair cat. What was so impressive about this... our very good friend Jen Hardin of BlueRiver Abys earned a "Best Cat" with her stud Jaxx, thus SUPREMING him at that show.  How wonderful it is when to see the success of our friends.  Cheers Jen!
* After a complete veterinary site inspection, our cattery is now proudly a "TICA Outstanding Cattery".  We are VERY happy to report a perfect score on our inspection for an EXCELLENT ranking!
* Marlo's baby born 6/21/12 - GoldRush is a wonderfully proud papa again!
* RubyClaw CopperWind earned Champion Title status at North Alabama Feline Fanciers show in June 2012
* Our new little guy from Donna/Bengal Island Cat is named "Santana".  he LOVED his first show outing.
* New Keeper female with kitten call name of "GoblinShark" is staying here for a glamours show/breeder life and she is formally named RubyClaw Phoenix Rising
May 15, 2012:  BIG NEWS!!!  Our newest 'upcoming stud' is on his way to Atlanta!  He is the little brother of the 2012 #3 Internationally Bengal Kitten BengalIslandCat Obsidian Oasis.  We have yet to pick a name for this cute little guy, but are very excited about what he can bring to RubyClaw.  Great many thanks to Donna!  Look for him in the show halls SOON!!!
April 29, 2012:  Volunteers Cat Club held "the Last Rose" show in Signal Mountain in Tenneessee; Great friends, Great fun, and So wonderful to see FloridaBengals Yoda Cajun earn his Best Cat to supreme in a very short 5 shows.  Congrats to Barbara and John!
Our Junior Exhibitors Marissa and Nic did a great job in their JE's ring with Ed Manning
.  Copper and Tracker enjoyed themselves too, and were happy to see their friends!
April 14, 2012:  Yet another wonderful TICA show by Southern SophisTICAts in Atlanta!  Our club Atlanta FantasTICAts held another HCM screening clinic and screen 13 cats!  The Junior Exhibitors were very busy too.  Copper competed as an adult on his 8th month birthday, and we actually think we saw the duh "lightbulb" over his head learning what it's all about.  Tracker was his adorable self.  We are VERY happy to have seen Avenir Mardi Gras of BelRouge earn his Best Cat in the Bengal Congress judged by Kim Tomlin, with this Best Cat, Mardi is now a SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION!  Congrats to Alisa, Madison & Morgan.
March 2, 2012:  SkyLily has 5 wonderful babies.
February 24-26, 2012:  On-Safari! Florida Sun Cats in St. Augustine!  Fabulooousss show is an understatement!!!  Junior Exhibitors rocked the house!  Breeders Choice Awards!  Continuing Education and Seminars by TIBCS!
Fun, Felines and Friendship!  REALLY SUMMARIZES the greatness of the show! 
RubyClaw CopperWind "Breeders Choice Best Kitten Body"
   with thanks to sponsor OS for Barbara and John Adcox of Floridabengals
RubyClaw SilverTrax "Breeders Choice Best Whited Tummy"
   with thanks to sponsor
{C}{C}{C} Eric & Pam Gretzinger of JungleJem
RubyClaw SilverTrax "Breeders Choice Best Alter"
   with thanks to sponsor Joe Pitt
RubyClaw SilverTrax 9th best of the Congresses Bengal Alter
   with thanks to sponsor Vickie Schenk of DarkMoon

January 21-22, 2012:  Destiny Cat Fanciers show in Fort Walton Beach!  Serina and Nic, our Junior Exhibitors did a FANTASTIC job!  First show jitters for RubyClaw CopperWind, and he still earned two 1st Best of Breed, and a few 2nd Best of Breeds. Audra Mitchell show photographer spent a little time with Copper too - we're awaiting some wonderful proofs.  RubyClaw SilverTrax enjoyed himself, and was as talkative as ever.
December 20, 2011:  Very happy with our new Sturdi-Cage!  Can't wait for the Fort Walton Beach show to use it!!!
December 4, 2011:  Mystre Marie Lavoe of RubyClaw is proud mother to 3 beautiful brown spotted kittens!
November 24, 2011:  RubyClaw cats LOVE fresh turkey liver!!!
October 30, 2011:  The Party Cats show in Atlanta: "GoldRush" is now Triple Grand Champion!  "RubyClaw Silver Trax" made his show ring debut.  Nic earned "Best Junior Exhibitor" in his new level Junior Intermediate.  Marissa loved helping the world renowned photographer Helmi Flick (and just WAIT till we post the beautiful photos; Breath taking!).  Serina presented a fabulous seminar on Feline Nutrition to the Junior Exhibitors.
September 2011:  It's been a relatively quite month.  SkyLily's kittens are growing VERY nicely, we're thinking that one baby might need to stay with us and enjoy the show circuit for a while.  Marlo is settling in and has been nick named "MarloChicka".
August 31, 2011:  The lovely Mystre Marie Lavoe has arrived!  Miss Marlo is more beautiful than we imagined. 
August 14, 2011:  Wonderful news!  SkyLily gave birth to 5 beautiful spotted babies! They look a lot like their dad DGC Mystre GoldRush of RubyClaw! 
August 10, 2011:  We're very excited and have been doing the 'happy dance' non stopped... Someone very special is coming to RubyClaw!!!  Stay Tuned!
July 30, 2011:  The SE Regional show in Columbia SC was so much fun - Great times with our Bengal and Aby friends!  Serina spent 2 full days head-clerking in ring #1.  Nicholas stewarded on Sunday in ring #3.  Marissa ran GoldRush all over the show hall.  It was an interesting show.
July 3, 2011:  GoldRush earned his "Double Grand Champion" title at the Kudzu Kats show in Hickory North Carolina this past weekend.  Congratulations to our Bengal Friends who also earned titles; thanks gals, we had lots of fun!
June 6, 2011:  GoldRush earned his "Grand Champion" title at the North Alabama Feline Fanciers show in Athens Alabama this past weekend.  Congratulations to the club for putting on a fun show, and to our Bengal Friends who also earned numerous titles.
June 1, 2011:  We're VERY Happy to report excellent HCM screening results for GoldRush and SkyLily!!!  "negative for HCM" Woo Hoo!
May 26, 2011:  LeopardStar has babies!  We are very happy with 2 spotted silvers and a silver marble kitten.  Everyone is resting comfortable and they are doing well!  Details and photos to come soon.
Late-May 2011:  RubyClaw has streaming video of the cattery!  See what we're doing RIGHT NOW!
mid-May 2011:  This is fun!  We had an inquiry for a RubyClaw walking jackets for light-weight 'desert use'; I'm thinking it will work well for hot, humid Georgia days too.  Images and 'field test' video coming soon!
May 2011:  RubyClaw Cattery and our junior exhibitors appreciate mentor Mark Pennington of Mystre Bengals of Texas.  See current TICA Trend magazine for the article discussing the importance of mentors/mentees.
Late-April 2011:  "Rocky the Tainted Dog" visited the recent Southern SophisTICAts show - watch their Internet Newscast! and look for cameos of our cats and our Junior Exhibitors!
April 2011:  GoldRush and SkyLily at Southern SophisTICAts in Atlanta!!!  GoldRush final as 5th best All Breed and has earned his Champion Title with TICA!
March 2011:  "Adult" Showhall debut for GoldRush and SkyLily in Birmingham!!!  Junior Exhibitors did GREAT!
January 2011:  "Kitten" Showhall debut for GoldRush and SkyLily in Ft. Walton Beach! GoldRush final as 3rd best specialty kitten  Read On, Photos Too!
December 2010:  Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and Extraordinary Happy New Year!!!
October 2010:  SkyLily and GoldRush have arrived!!!
September 2010:  See Bengals Illustrated magazine for photos of all the winners at the April 2010 Bengal Congress in Atlanta!
* Our article "Include a Low-Cost HCM Screening Clinic at your Upcoming Show" printed in The International Cat Association magazine TICA TREND, volume 31, #5, pages 6-7.  Read here.
August 2010:  RubyClaw walking jackets are now available!
June 2010:  RubyClaw Bengals now has a page on FaceBook!
It's easy to find, www.Facebook.com/RubyClaw.Bengals
Join our "friends" for some purfectly great fun and TONS more photos too!
April 2010:  This just in!!! Our Junior Exhibitors did a great job recently at the Southern SophsiTICAts show in Atlanta!  Also, many thanks to Bengals Illustrated and Patrick's Bengal Breed for sponsoring the Bengal Cat Congress ring on Saturday at the Show.  Our little Leopardstar (BelRouge Leopardstar of RubyClaw) earned a 6th place.  Special thanks to Josh Dabbs for the photo!
March 2010:  TICA (The International Cat Association) has announced in the most popular breed for 2009 ... drum roll please...  The Bengal Cat (tada!).
By a margin of 2 to 1 over the Ragdoll cat and 3 to 1 over the Main Coon cat.  Congratulations to all those new registrations, here's looking forward to "spotting" you around in 2010!

We are breeders of glittered rosette Bengal cats/kittens in Atlanta Georgia.  Our goal is to produce show quality, healthy Bengals with stunning beauty and wonderful temperament to bring more joy into your life with their active antics and playful nature.

Junior Exhibitor showing SkyLily
"Flippy Cat", likely the most chilled out Bengal
Silver Bengal Kittens AT PLAY
LeopardStar loves catnip!
SkyLily Watching herself!

Georgia Bengal Kittens, Georgia Bengal Cats
Bengal Cats, Bengal Kittens, Atlanta, Georgia  Bengal Cats are fun, Bengal Cats love to climb trees, Bengals love water, Bengal cats play fetch,  Bengal cats are the coolest in the world!  Our Bengal cats like to watch TV from the top of the furniture!  SkyLily likes to play with the hound dog's tails!

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